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I am not sure that words can do justice to the impact that Brett has had personally within our group and with respect to the operation of our business and furthermore I'm not sure that Brett himself can fully comprehend or appreciate the positive impact that he has had at North American.

Brett, in the completely unfamiliar discipline of teaching people how to operate heavy trucks, in the completely unfamiliar realm of the Ministry of Advanced Skills and Education, through his passion for learning and understanding, was able to organize our courses in such a manner that when presented to our trainers, was able to garner the respect of industry professionals with nearly 200 years of combined experience and where Brett had no practical experience himself.

He was able to synthesize training and teaching concepts and practical instruction which by any standard was nothing more than semi organized chaos, and with time and understanding, assisted us in creating a world class training manual that is modern, concise and easy to follow.

What he helped create was much more than a simple training document, it is the platform to our future success. Brett is now an integral part of our team, respected by all that have the pleasure to work alongside him.

From a personal standpoint Brett is an exceptional human being and an absolute pleasure to work with and from a professional level he is completely engaged and the work that is produced is at world class level.

The Navy's loss was clearly our gain, and at this time we would like to thank Retired Lieutenant Commander Brett Christensen for his service in defence of this great Nation and we look forward to a continued and deepened relationship.

Ben Santucci, B.E.S. (Honours)


North American Transport Driving Academy